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What is Remember a Pet?

Remember a Pet is an impactful way for you to reach out to a friend or client when they lose a beloved pet. This program allows you to send a personalized card expressing your condolences and give a donation in memory of their pet that helps people and animals in need through Christian Veterinary Mission.

Why do veterinary clinics use Remember a Pet?

When your clinic sends a pet sympathy card to a grieving friend or client, you are showing compassion and thoughtfulness that can be a comfort during a difficult time.

Our process is easy for veterinary clinics to use and helps minimize the time spent writing and mailing a card yourself. You tell us which card (or cards) you would like to send, a message to include, and we’ll send the personalized card to your client for you. The proceeds from each card also directly benefit a person and their animal in need, which means your client can see how the memory of their pet helps improve animal lives in impoverished communities around the world.

Who is Christian Veterinary Mission?

Your memorial gift of a pet sympathy card impacts people and animals through Christian Veterinary Mission. When you give a card through Remember a Pet, your donation goes to help animals in impoverished communities around the world, many of which depend on animals for their livelihoods and survival.

Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) exists to share the love of Christ through veterinary medicine. Working in communities worldwide, CVM equips and encourages veterinary professionals and students to build relationships with others through their veterinary knowledge and skills. Through their efforts, men, women and children are better equipped to care for their animals while getting the opportunity to hear the message of hope in the gospel.

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